While Hematite can be found in various colors, ranging from black to silver, the red variety of this precious mineral is the most recognizable. This bright red color is indicative of incredibly high iron content. However, this pigment screamed blood for ancient Greeks, so they named the stone “Haima,” which is the Greek word for blood.

Although its name is derived from the Greek language, Hematite was adored by many people worldwide. For instance, Native Americans used it to paint their faces before a battle, Egyptians to decorate the tombs of pharaohs, and even prehistoric people to etch inside caves.

Throughout history, Hematite have been known for their strong connection to the Earth, mighty healing powers, and the powers of protection beyond comparison. Hematite has always acted as an anchor to help people feel stable, grounded, and protected, and this still rings true today.

Hematite Benefits

As nature’s sword and shield, Hematite are loaded with healing properties. Hematite is powerful enough to put an end to toxic emotions. As a result, it can instill confidence with a pinch of sass. This great stone will protect you from negative influences and energies, making you stronger and more resilient.

Keeping in mind that most Hematite are blood red, it shouldn’t be surprising that they can also improve circulation and help with blood pressure and heavier periods.


How to charge Hematite?

To charge the Hematite, leave it next to powerful nature stones known to share their energy, such as Quartz or Selenite. Besides charging your Hematite, they will cleanse it, restoring it to its former glory after soaking up negative energies.

What does Hematite do?

Like Amethyst, the Hematite has an intense grounding energy. Working with Hematite in your line of sight can help you focus and get any job done more efficiently. This stone is also connected to the root chakra, thus providing a feeling of stability and safety. The Hematite stone offers protection for you and your home or office, so don’t hesitate to wear protective amulets, carry worry stones, or place Hematite cubes and spheres on an altar.

How to clean Hematite?

Since Hematite is an iron-oxide compound, cleaning it with water will cause it to rust. You’ll need to use a soft cloth or a bristle brush instead.

How to cleanse Hematite?

You should use energetic methods to cleanse your Hematite. These non-invasive methods include smudging the crystal with sage smoke or leaving it in the presence of cleansing crystals.