Carnelian is a variety of chalcedony that comes in several colors. Some stones have a red-orange coloring, while others have a distinct pale orange color. A few even come as a solid red stone. Regardless, all of these colors give carnelian the apt moniker of the sunset stone.

Carnelian trace their roots back to the ancient Egyptians, who used the stone in amulets, figurines, and beads. Today, we use red and orange carnelian for its healing properties.

Experience the Healing Benefits of Carnelian

The carnelian healing properties come into their own when used to boost your body’s chakras. Specifically, the nature stones can strengthen your sacral chakra, solar plexus chakra, and root chakra.

As a stone of courage and confidence, the carnelian anchors these three lower energy centers. They boost the inner fire and creative spirit that find their homes in your sacral chakra. Carnelian also resonates with your root chakra to bring inspiration and the courage to move forward in your life. If you often find yourself feeling held back by the world, these stones called carnelians ignite the internal flame that encourages you to push forward.

In terms of physical healing properties, carnelian balances your body’s energy levels. This balancing makes it ideal as a training aid for physical workouts. You’ll feel looser and freer, allowing you to get more out of your exercise routine.

Finally, this powerful stone is also known to boost fertility and stimulate your sexual energy. Having a carnelian on your nightstand helps to make certain bedroom activities more enjoyable.


How do you charge carnelian?

You can recharge your stone's life force in several ways. If you wish to spark its earth energy, place it in the soil. As the sunset stone, carnelian can also be charged by placing it in sunlight for a short period. You may also charge a carnelian stone by placing it near charging crystals, such as clear quartz or selenite.

What does a carnelian do?

Carnelian has metaphysical properties that make it ideal for balancing your body’s energy levels and improving coordination. Many people wear carnelian when exercising to get the most out of their workouts because the stone stimulates the muscles and improves blood flow.

How to cleanse a carnelian?

You can cleanse these beautiful orange stones using water, smoke, sunlight, or a charging crystal, such as selenite.

How to activate carnelian?

Activating carnelian to benefit from its crystal healing properties is as simple as holding it in your hand and visualizing energy flowing through the stone.