People have used amethyst for centuries to control evil thoughts and ward off negative energies. The attractive amethyst stone traces its roots back to ancient Greek culture, with the name of the stone coming from the Greek word “amethystos”. This word translates to “not drunk,” which provides us with some insight into how the Greeks used this variety of quartz to fend off intoxication.

However, the ancient Greeks are far from the only people to recognize the power of the amethyst stone. The ancient Egyptians also mined for the amethyst geode, with archaeologists theorizing that they used this stone, with its deep purple color, to create jewelry used for magical and religious purposes.

In more modern times, the amethyst stone is considered the birthstone of those born in the month of February. And beyond its attractive purple hues, this semi-precious stone has many healing properties.

Experience the Healing Benefits of Amethyst

We all need a break from the stresses of daily life from time to time. That’s why amethyst is used throughout the world. Amethyst has many healing properties that protect the bearer against bad energies. Its calming influence encourages soothing dreams and puts you in touch with your inner self. As such, placing amethyst in a bedroom or office helps to bring clarity to your waking mind while encouraging peacefulness when you sleep.

Amethyst is also commonly used to enhance the eye and crown chakras. In the case of the eye chakra, the stone empowers your senses of intuition and inspiration. For the crown chakra, it brings tranquility to your mind, allowing you to focus on the blockages in this chakra that may otherwise hold you back.

Finally, amethyst’s cell regeneration properties make it useful as part of a skincare regime. Some choose to rub their crystals against their skin to revitalize cells, which combats the common signs of aging.


What does amethyst do?

Amethyst is a volcanic rock that has many healing properties. It’s known as the all-purpose stone because it helps to protect you from stress and anxiety. It also aids in cell regeneration.

What is amethyst used for?

Many people use different amethysts forms to combat the symptoms of stress and anxiety, which include headaches and fatigue. Some also engage in meditation with amethyst, while others use it as part of their skincare regimen to restore damaged skin cells.

Who should wear amethyst?

Anybody who wishes to enjoy a sense of peace and prosperity can benefit from wearing amethyst. The same goes for those who wish to benefit from amethysts healing properties.

Where do you put amethyst?

Place an amethyst stone anywhere that you wish to experience rest and relaxation. Many put the stones in their bedrooms to encourage restful sleep. Some also place them in their kitchens or living rooms, with the latter being especially useful for those who meditate in their living rooms.